Asia Week Hong Kong 2014

Asia Week Hong Kong launched its inaugural edition in 2013 with a week-long programme of special exhibitions, lectures, book launches, evening receptions and museum gallery tours, in collaboration with the International Antiques Fair and leading art dealers, museums, cultural institutions and auction houses. 

During the Asia Week Hong Kong we bring together knowledge on Asian arts in all areas, to offer to a wider audience in an accessible manner.  Our logo, designed under the guidance of one of our founders is based on the Chinese character for ‘Asia’ and represents arts, culture, society and expertise; Our programme attracts collectors, connoisseurs, curators and art-market professionals from around the world. 

Next generation of Collectors and Art patrons
The use of the ancient Chinese character for ‘Asia’ in a contemporary fashion represents our wish to act as a platform for carrying forth our traditions and educating the next generation on their cultural heritage. We believe in nurturing and fostering the new generation of collectors and art patrons.
We welcome young and old to join our events!

Asia Week Hong Kong Brochures

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