Dec 31

Nestorian Crosses of the Yuan Dynasty

  • The Annie Wong Gallery, HKU

Although all crosses are cast, a process employed for the repeated production of an exact same size and design, the Nestorian crosses all seem to be unique and are, in fact, characteristic for their individual designs.

Jun 28

Early White

  • 1a space

Ten local artists from different disciplines are invited to have a reflexive creative responses to the question: how raging starts to have impacts on your spiritual, creative and identity creation after umbrella movement.

Sep 28

Walking in the Dreams

  • Hong Kong Heritage Museum

Dreams have countless ties and complex connection between the soul and body, consciousness and subconsciousness, imagination and reality. They are places to be discovered and explored, and also the home for rehabilitation.

Jul 19

QIU RUIXIANG - first solo show in HK

  • Platform China

Exhibiting for the first time in Hong Kong, Platform China's represented artist Qiu Ruixiang is showing a curated selection of oil paintings and paper works realised between 2008 and 2013.

Dec 31

Donation of Works by Wu Guanzhong 2014

  • Hong Kong Museum of Art

The 25 works, including 16 oil paintings and 9 ink paintings, were cerated from the 1990s to the early 21st century, a period known as the heyday of Wu Guanzhong's artistic journey. The Museum has selected some of the works for exhibition so that the public can have a taste of these precious gifts.

Nov 15

From Soya Bean Milk to Pu'er Tea

  • Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware

This exhibition introduces the life and times of Dr K.S. Lo, founder of Vitasoy Group and the donor of the main collection of the Museum of Tea Ware, and his story as a collector. The Museum of Tea Ware collection enables visitors to recall the contributions made by this legendary figure to Hong Kong society and to promoting Chinese culture.

Sep 7

The Pride of Lingnan

  • Hong Kong Heritage Museum

Selected exhibits date from 1930s to 1990s, covering subjects of birds-and-flowers, landscapes, insects, animals, foggers and calligraphy. Other exhibits include sketches and poem manuscripts by the artist, a comprehensive display of artistic style and development. Interactive programmes are set up and precious video slipping of the artist in demonstrations are shown to increase audience interest.

Jul 31

City Memory

  • YY9 Gallery

YY9 Gallery is pleased to present "City Memory", a joint exhibition by Vaan Ip and Leo Wong Chun-yam. In the exhibition, two local artists will present their latest series of sculpture installation which captures traces of memories of the changing urban environment in Hong Kong in a truly profound way.

Jun 10

Climate Change: Artistic Dialogue Between Nicolas Vial and Young Hong Kong Artists

  • Experimental Gallery, Hong Kong Arts Centre

Curated by the Young Friends of the Art Museum of CUHK and Virginie Morin Brucker, this exhibition displays around 30 pieces of original illustrations by the artist, alongside works by young emerging Hong Kong artists to converge on the imminent subject of climate change and global environmental distress.

Oct 4

The Art and Culture of Yixing Zisha Stoneware

  • Galery III, Art Museum

Combining the treasures of two museums, this exhibition aims to demonstrate and explore the artistic achievement and the devilment of Yixing zit stoneware, as well as its cultural significance and social impact.

Sep 30

The Past in Continuing

  • Hong Kong Heritage Museum

Our past is not one that is dead, but one that is still thriving. A gateway to the past has been opened by 18 contemporary artists who create the history of us today. They draw inspiration from the historical and cultural artefacts from the permanent galleries of Heritage Museum to create new artworks which embody both traditional and contemporary philosophies.

Sep 4

Made in Hong Kong: Our City. Our Stories

  • Hong Kong Maritime Museum

From this spring through summer, see Hong Kong as never before, as the Hong Kong Maritime Museum proudly presents its special exhibition, Made in Hong Kong: Our City. Our Stories sponsored by HSBC.