"CAFAM Future" exhibition: OBSERVER - CREATOR

  • K11 18 Hanoi Road Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon Hong Kong

"CAFAM Future" exhibition: OBSERVER - CREATOR

K11 Art Foundation

The exhibition was originally shown in Beijing in January 2015, in its second reiteration to be launched in Hong Kong, "CAFAM Future" will respond to the specificities of location, pursuing an exploration of the cultural differences that lie between the city and the Mainland. Of the 95 artists' works shown in Beijing, the pieces by 33 artists will be exhibited in Hong Kong, in pursuance to the directions of leading Chinese institutions.

Co-Directors: Xu Bing, Wang Huangseng
Curators: Li Zhenhua, Tsai Meng, Sheng Wei, Wang Chunchen

10am - 8pm daily

K11 Art Space (12 noon - 10pm)
K11 Atrium (10am - 10pm)
K11 Piazza (10am - 10pm)