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M1 Singapore Fringe Fest to Shift Gears and Adopt New Theme, Direction in 2018

BY CLAIRE BOUCHARA | Blouin artinfo

Sean Tobin (Courtesy M1 Singapore Fringe Festival)

Sean Tobin

(Courtesy M1 Singapore Fringe Festival)

As the Artistic Director of M1 Singapore Fringe Festival extends his tenure, the organization will also steer the event towards a new direction.

Sean Tobin, who was initially appointed as Artistic Director in 2014 for three years, has recently announced that he will continue his role for an additional four years until 2020 to develop the Festival’s platform and future programs. He said that he still has “so much to contribute in terms of providing the artistic direction for the programming of the Festival.” The 2017 edition of the Festival will take place on January 5-14 on the theme “Art Skin.”

From 2018, the 13-year-old Festival will launch a new focus every year, highlighting an iconic Singapore work by an established artist. The objective of this new direction is to celebrate Singaporean art, which provokes, challenges, and inspires the audience, unearthing relevant local issues framed in an international context.

“By looking back at our very own recent art history and using seminal local works as inspiration for new pieces, we hope to celebrate a dynamic relationship between the past and the present,” said Tobin in a statement.

M1 Singapore Fringe Festival will run from January 5-14, 2017.

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