The Arts of Deng Erya and Huang Bore

This exhibition—co-organised by the Hong Kong Museum of Art, Art Museum of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Xiang Gang Museum and Dongguan Museum—features paintings and calligraphies drawn from several collections in Hong Kong and Guangdong by two masters, Deng Erya and Huang Bore. 

Deng Erya (1884 – 1954) was born in Peking in the late Qing Dynasty and was active at the time of the founding of the Republican China. Deng was a well-known scholar, calligrapher, seal engraver, painter and poet in Southern China, who promoted seal engraving in the region. 

Huang Bore (1901 – 1968) was born in Dongguan, and settled in Hong Kong. He promoted traditional ink painting and emphasised the abstract quality of brushwork by taking up the style of Hua Yan for his flower-and-bird paintings, Shitao for his landscapes, and Chen Hongshou for his figure paintings. In 1923, Huang founded the Guihai Art Cooperative, which later developed into the National Painting Research Society.

© Image Courtesy of Hong Kong Museum of Art
by HUANG Bore (1901 – 1968) 
“Climbing the Lantau Peak at Night” (detail)(1956)

Collection of Hong Kong Museum of Art
donated by Mr Wong Tai Shing, Mr Huang Dade and Mr Wong Wing Fai

17 MAY – 17 JUL
9:00am – 5:30pm (TUE – SUN)
Closed on MON (except Public Holidays)

Dongguan Museum
No. 36 Xinfen Road, Guancheng District
Dongguan, China