Where has Asian Lifestyle Gone?

Since the Renaissance, the world started to shift the balance of power from the East to the West. In the last five centuries, especially the 19th and 20th century, a tremendous amount of scientific breakthroughs and innovations in the West, followed by the English and American industrialisation, colonialism and postcolonialism, marked the important historical moments. The way of life in the East have been subsequently affected. And in some extreme cases, it had completely uprooted many Asian cultures and lifestyles.

Western modernity, once nurtured by imports of ideas and physical goods from the East, now dominates the world in almost all aspects of life, including daily lifestyles. Where does the future look like for Asian lifestyles?

A panel discussion focusing on daily objects, fashion, and jewellery by:

Anita Tsang
Candice Lee
Dickson Yewn
Hugues Jean Lamy
Juliet de la Rochefoucauld
Sue Ollemans

Date and Time: 1 June 2016 | 2:30pm – 4:30pm

Venue: Chinese Culture Studies Centre, Room 304, Lyndhurst Building, 29 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong

Language: English

Registration: For RSVP, email Sharon Mak at [email protected] or call (852) 9790 3029