A look at Chinese aesthetics through Ming classical furniture

A look at Chinese aesthetics through Ming classical furniture

In the Ming dynasty, Chinese furniture achieved a pinnacle, elevated from the realm of functional to the realm of philosophical. Ming furniture achieved lofty international acclaim for its subtle beauty and graceful form. The close involvement of the literati in the design of furniture (as also happened in the Song dynasty) led to a projected restraint, dignity and refinement in form. The talented carpenters who humbly toiled in the workshops employed traditional sophisticated joineries, experimented with spatial dimensions, and employed different woods that were newly in vogue due to imports from other countries. Furniture became to represent something higher: the harmony between man and nature, and the union of distinctly Chinese values, ethics, philosophy, and aesthetics.

In this talk, Oi Ling will be exploring what Chinese aesthetics is, through the study of Chinese antique furniture.

Oi Ling Chiang is the founder of Chinese Cultural Studies Center. Prior to that, Oi Ling was the director of a Chinese antiques furniture business on Hollywood Road for 20 years. Her love for and deep understanding of Chinese furniture and culture is contagious, and imbues any conversation on the topic with a richness and thoughtfulness that is unique.

DATE & TIME: 2 JUN (FRI) 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

VENUE: Chinese Cultural Studies Center, 304 Lyndhurst Building, 29 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong

LANGUAGE: Cantonese

RSVP: email info@chineseculturalstudiescenter.org