Closing Party: 'Collecting Across Cultures' Collectors Circle Panel Discussion

The panel discussion on 'Collecting Across Cultures' and the closing party will be held to support the Friends of the Art Museum, the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

The panel members share with us their experiences and thoughts on collecting art. Illustrated by images and actual objects dating as far back as before the Common Era all the way to the last century, this thought-provoking discussions on the arts and material cultures of the Himalayas, Eurasian Steppes, Central Asia, and China is especially pertinent in light of Asia Week Hong Kong’s 'Silk Road' series, which centers on the international trade route as a conduit of culture, religion, art, and technology. The panel members are Betty Lo, Angus Forsyth, Hing Chao, Nelson Leong, and the discussion is moderated by Sotheby Asia’s CEO and Liang Yi Museum’s board member, Kevin Ching.

The Collectors Circle Panel discussion is co-hosted by Asia Week Hong Kong, Friends of the Art Museum, CUHK, and the Liang Yi Museum.

DATE & TIME: 7 JUN (WED) 6:00 pm

VENUE: Liang Yi Museum, 181–199 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong


By invitation only