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25 MAY - 30 MAY (FRI - WED)


Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

1 Harbour Road, Wanchai


(852) 2760 1766


This Spring, Christie’s will once again become a convening platform for global collectors and art lovers with its full week of sales in the global art hub of Hong Kong from 25-30 May, accompanied by a series of lectures, previews and art forums.

These landmark sales feature a vast range of exquisite treasures that bear historical significance and distinguished provenance. The key categories on offer this season include: Asian 20th Century and Contemporary Art, Chinese Classical and Modern Paintings, Chinese Ceramics and Works of Arts, as well as a full array of luxury items spanning- Magnificent Jewels, Important Watches, Fine and Rare Wine and Handbags and Accessories.

The Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art department will present six sales this season: Celestial Immortals - the Taber Family Tianqiuping from Philbrook Museum of Art, Three Qianlong Rarities - Imperial Ceramics from an Important Private Collection, the Nitta Maitreya, Contemplating the Divine - Fine Buddhist Art, Leisurely Delights of a Transient Life, and Important Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art.

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