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28 SEP (SAT)


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Embroidered silk shoe, circa 1500

Collector Chris Hall, former President of the Oriental Ceramic Society of Hong Kong, and the organisation's current Honorary Treasurer has opened his home to Young Collectors Club members for a viewing and learning session on his renowned collection of Chinese textiles.

Amassed over a period of thirty years the collection covers varying periods, styles, and artistic concerns. Mr. Hall organised the first major exhibition of Chinese textiles at the Hong Kong Museum of Art, "Heavens' Embroidered Cloths - One Thousand Years of Chinese Textiles" in 1995 on behalf of the Oriental Ceramic Society. He frequently lectures on Chinese textiles. Parts of Mr Hall's collection have been exhibited in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Korea. Currently, his collection is on long-term loan to China's National Silk Museum in Hangzhou and the Asian Civilizations Museum in Singapore.

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