September 4, 2016

Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art specialists Marco Almeida and Chi Fan Tsang examine an ‘incredibly important piece of Chinese porcelain’ that sold for more than $20 million in Hong Kong.

‘The owner h...

August 21, 2016

In this exclusive video, Shanghai-based conceptual artist Xu Zhen, founder of MadeIn, a cultural production company established in 2009, shares some important insights about his artistic creation, and...

August 18, 2016

Chinese art specialist Emily De Wolfe Pettit discusses who’s buying what and where, as the annual Hurun Report — tracking the country’s most popular artists – is released.

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August 8, 2016

China's Taikang Life Insurance has bought a 13.5% stake in Sotheby's, becoming the largest shareholder of the New York-based auction company.

A Chinese life insurance company run by the grandson-in-law...

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