Friends of the Hong Kong Museum of Art


The Friends of the Hong Kong Museum of Art is a registered charity founded in 1991 to support and promote the activities of the Hong Kong Museum of Art and to enhance interest in the visual arts in Hong Kong.

Through our membership program, we organise private and guided viewings of major exhibitions, visits to local artists’ studios and places of interest, cultural activities, as well as tours to overseas destinations led by guest lecturers with specialist knowledge.

Through our fundraising efforts, the Friends have been able to support the Museum’s acquisition of artworks, including Huang Binghong’s Crisp Air over Lakes and Mountains, one of the finest works by the renowned master, and other works by local Hong Kong artists.

The Friends also organise and support public outreach programs for the Museum. These include free bus transportation for school groups to attend major exhibitions at the Museum, a summer art camp for underprivileged students, and a popular Sunday concert series at the Museum.

The Friends’ Room
Hong Kong Museum of Art
P.O. Box No. 79435, Mongkok Post Office, Kowloon, Hong Kong
(852) 2707 9718

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