Lyon & Turnbull


Established in Edinburgh in 1826, Lyon & Turnbull are Scotland's oldest firm of auctioneers. In the nineteenth century the firm conducted regular auctions in Edinburgh, handling a bewildering variety of art and antiques including such highlights as furniture from the Queen's residence at Balmoral, It was during this early period that Lyon & Turnbull first began to sell Asian art. In 1999 Lyon & Turnbull was acquired by a group of auctioneers previously part of the Phillips team, an auction house that was the third largest in the world during the 1990s. Since re-launching, Lyon & Turnbull has become the largest and most successful auction houses in Scotland, and has become respected internationally as a trusted firm of auctioneers handling esteemed collections for clients including Lehman Brothers; Deloitte; famed liquor house Drambuie; and the U.S. publishing dynasty, the Forbes family.






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