Children of the Mekong, Cecilia Ho and Karine Moge presents


Perspectives + Influences


Photographic converation with Cecilia Ho

15-25 May 2015 (Closed on Tuesday)  |   10 am - 9 pm   |   Hong Kong Visual Art Centre                                                                                                                        

This exhibition features the work of Chinese and French photographers invited to reflect photographically on the core values of Hong Kong over a period of 4 months under the mentorship of renowned multi-disciplinary artist Cecilia Ho.

The artists, ranging from very talented amateur to already well established art photographers have brought their unique style and perspective to this ground-breaking visual exploration of Hong Kong while opening up to cross-cultural influences. The result is an intriguing and stimulating walk through the history of photography itself, with artworks ranging from exquisite ‘traditional’ black & white darkroom prints to the most elaborate digital compositions.
Project mentor and curator             | Cecilia Ho
Participating photographers           | Chow KarHoo | Chong Cherie |Yan Kallen | Baron Aurore | Chaboureau Stephane |

                                                           | De Puymorin Harold | Rolin Emilie 


The artists have generously donated their time and talent and all profits from the sales of photographs will benefit Children of the Mekong, a charity championing access to education for under-privileged children in Asia.

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