Singapore's arts council paid ‘exceptionally high’ $410,000 for a bin centre: Auditor-General’s

A bin centre near the Victoria Concert Hall and Victoria Theatre. Photo: Yahoo Singapore

A bin centre for Victoria Theatre and Victoria Concert Hall cost the National Arts Council (NAC) an “exceptionally high” consultation fee of $410,000, said the Auditor-General’s Office (AGO) in its annual audit.

The amount was equivalent to 87 per cent of the construction cost of $470,00 for the bin centre.

This was one of the findings in the AGO’s audit of 16 ministries, 11 statutory boards and several government funds for financial year 2015/2016.

The likes of the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Defence and the Land Transport Authority were all singled out for lapses.

The AGO’s report highlighted four key areas: inadequate financial controls, weak governance over management of public funds, lack of oversight of administration of schemes and programmes and lapses in management of contracts.

‘The construction…was more complex’

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