Minneapolis Institute of Art Launches Multiyear Asian Art Initiative with $6 Million Donation

Minneapolis Museum of Art

The Minneapolis Institute of Art has announced that it is launching a long-term initiative to create public programming, exhibitions, and new scholarship dedicated to Asian art. The Gale Asian Art initiative is named after Alfred P. Gale, whose $6 million bequest will fund programming, including public workshops on Japanese courtly painting and tea ceremonies, events designed to make local Asian communities aware of the institute’s growing 2,400-object Asian art collection, family days to celebrate the Chinese New Year, and special exhibitions such as a presentation of Asian funerary objects curated by the Vietnam-based art collective the Propeller Group.

"By establishing the Gale Family Endowment at MIA, Mr. Gale recognized an important truth—that programming is key to maximizing the impact and excitement of permanent displays and exhibitions,” director Kaywin Feldman said.

Read the full article on http://artforum.com/news/id=62921

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