Trial Resumes for Man Accused of Defrauding Art Collecting Widow of $817,000

Eileen Kinsella | Artnet News

Courtesy of WANG ZHAO/AFP/Getty Images.

Prosecutors are coming down hard on Yang Yin, a Chinese national and former tour guide living in Singapore, in a case that has rocked the island city-state. An 89-year old Singaporean woman allegedly entrusted him with purchasing a $371,000 ($500,000 SGD) painting by internationally-recognized Chinese artist Xu Beihong. Instead, prosecutors say that he duped the elderly woman with a replica of the work.

Details have been emerging from a criminal trial against Yang that has been moving in fits and starts, according to reports in Channel News Asia and Straits Times.

In a court session earlier this month, Yang had said he was not fit to be cross-examined by prosecutors, at which point the deputy presiding judge of the state courts, Jennifer Marie, adjourned proceedings so that he could undergo a check-up at a nearby medical center. Now, the trial is back on.

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