Karbury's inaugural online auction of Chinese Art

(Los Angeles, California July 14, 2017) — Driven by a passion for the diverse beauty of Asian visual arts, Karbury’s is a new boutique auction house based in California. The debut is the result of many years of work on the part of their small yet expert team and today Karbury’s is absolutely thrilled to share these items on Invaluable and Live Auctioneer.

“We are so pleased to share this very special group of fine art and antiques, and are particularly excited to showcase the Qianlong period Rare Red-Enameled Dragon Vase.This piece is superbly carved and has exquisitely deep vibrant red color. It features three dragons, a mythical symbol of good fortune, transformation and strength. The dragons are rendered with a remarkable dynamism, and set against flames and crashing waves. On close examination, you see the flaming pearl motif — a metaphor for enlightenment and wisdom. The dragon in pursuit of the pearl is an important theme in Asian art, and we see it repeatedly in textiles, porcelains, and lacquer pieces such as this one, the captivating mythical beings reaching for this elusive pearl.”

Lot 144: Rare Red-Enameled Dragon Vase Tianqiuping with a Qianlong Mark

Other highlights include the luxuriously beautiful blue Qialong Cloisonné Tri-Mouth Gourd Vase from the Qing Dynasty. A technique requiring considerable craftsmanship and a great deal of time, cloisonné was traditionally reserved for the Imperial court of China. In this work, European style flowers are coupled with traditional Chinese motifs such as Fu (bats) and symbols of longevity as well as the bao shuan hua. This admixture of Chinese and European decorative elements was a common style in Qing era cloisonné and this is an extraordinarily fine example of this inventive decorative approach.

Lot 154: Qialong Cloisonné Tri-Mouth Gourd Vase Qing Dynasty, Qianlong Period with Mark

The sale of 100 lots was put together with emphasis on reasonable and realistic estimates, with pieces carefully selected in direct response to what is of interest to the market and reflecting the increasingly sophisticated and discerning tastes of global collectors. Specializing in small lots, Karbury’s is committed to providing bespoke elite collections for both discerning art connoisseurs as well as novice collectors.

“Karbury’s specializes in rare and unique items for the knowledgable Asian art collector looking for something new or significant for his or her collection, like the unusual Set of Twelve Gilt-Copper Alloy Zodiac Figures or the spectacularly charming painting Geese in a Pond by Xu Beihong. However, we are also thrilled to offer beautiful heirloom quality items for the young collector such as the blue and white Dragon Moon Flask or the fascinating Tibetan Ritual Dagger. We want our collection to be both interesting and accessible for those who are interested in the amazing visual arts culture of Asia and we just feel delighted to begin our journey in the online auction sphere.”

About Karbury’s: Karbury’s is boutique auction house based in California. As an emerging force in the world of Asian art and Antiques, our unique portal brings you into the heart of the auction world, allowing international art patrons, connoisseurs, and even novice collectors to bid live on outstanding curated art, antiques, jewelry, and collectibles from around the globe.

How it Works: By hosting thousands of auctions in real time via the internet, Karbury’s allows unprecedented access to remote sales, and perceptive bidders land coveted items at very desirable prices. Leave an absentee bid, or fully engage in the auction action—whatever way is easiest for you, there is something spectacular waiting for your discerning eye.

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Lot 126: Yao Wenhan (Qing Dynasty, 18th century) Portrait of Guan Yu (Guan Gong)

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