Autumn Fashion: Magnificent Jewels and Jadeite at Sotheby's

When Classic meets Modern

Autumn’s Magnificent Jewels and Jadeite sale this year will take place at 1:30pm HKT on 3 October 2017 in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. The sale carries more than 250 properties with total valuation of more than 650 million Hong Kong dollars ($ 83 million USD).

In the sale are iconic masterpieces by legendary jewellers along with works by sought-after contemporary craftsmen. Highlights include a rare art deco ‘Tutti Frutti’ Cartier bracelet, an exquisite 8.49carat ruby ring by JAR and a stunning emerald and diamond parure by Van Cleef & Arpels. A selection of rare coloured diamonds, extraordinary gemstones and a tasteful selection of signed jewels of distinctive period designs are also presented.

Exhibition 28 September – 2 October

Auction: 3 October (Tuesday), 1:30 pm

Wanchai Exhibition and Convention Centre, New Wing, Hall 1

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香港蘇富比瑰麗珠寶及翡翠首飾 2017 年秋季拍賣將於 10 月3日於香港會議展覽中心舉行。本季拍賣合共推出逾250件拍品 ,總估價超過6億5千萬港元(8,300萬美元)。

此次秋季「瑰麗珠寶及翡翠首飾」拍賣結合經典及創新元素,帶來當代傳奇珠寶設計師的代表傑作。焦點拍品包括一件與眾不同的Art Deco卡地亞「水果錦囊」手鏈,一枚由喬爾·亞瑟·羅森塔爾(JAR)所設計的、精美絕倫的8.49卡拉紅寶石戒指,以及一組閃耀奪目的梵克雅寶祖母綠配鑽石珠寶套裝。不僅如此,是次秋拍更獻上一系列精品——稀有彩鑽、優質寶石及各時期最具特色並附品牌刻名的珠寶。

香港預展: 9月28日至10月2日 拍賣: 10月3日 (星期二) 下午一時半


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