The First Sushi Saito Outside Japan Now at the Four Seasons in Hong Kong

April 11, 2018

The world’s sushi sensation, Tokyo’s three-Michelin-starred Sushi Saito, is now open at Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong. After 18 months of planning and transformation, the sushi bar now boasts a spectacular view of the Central Harbourfront from the 45th floor at the top of the hotel.



The youngest three-star-Michelin chef, Saito Takashi, is well-known for his high precision of choosing food ingredients as well as the creation of superb sushi in best temperature, texture and flavor. In order to serve the best to guests, all seafood is hand-picked by Chef Saito everyday at Tokyo’s Tsukiji Market and transported to Hong Kong on the same day after going through a highly-skilled ageing process. 


On opening the first Sushi Saito outside Japan, Chef Saito remarks, “Hong Kong is definitely the best place to meet food lovers who appreciate the beauty of dedication while also serves as a perfect channel reaching out to the world about a truly authentic sushi experience.” Chef Saito also made mention that his apprentice, 29-year-old Chef Ikuya Kobayashi, who has spent more than eight years working with him, is ready to take up the mission.



Recognized by its relaxing and cozy ambience, Sushi Saito also has its own preference with attire. Smart casual would be preferred and for gentlemen, covered shoes, long pants and collared shirts are required. Please also note that priority reservations for the next six months are available to regular guests of GLOBAL LINK restaurants and Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong. 


8 Finance Street, Central Central Hong Kong


Opening hours:

12:00 noon- 1:30pm / 6:30pm-10:15pm


Reservation required:

Call +(852) 3196-8230 or email to




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