Seoul Auction exhibits 55 Modern Korean artworks at H Queen’s

SA+, a modern and contemporary art gallery of Seoul Auction, hosts its 30th Hong Kong sale at H Queen’s in Central on Oct. 5. The auction features 55 lots of modern and contemporary works by eminent Korean artists such as Park SooKeun, Lee KunYong and Kim KuLim, representing unique Korean sentiment and ambience. The lowest combined value is estimated to be HKD 58,692,900 (USD 7,479,000).

Before the auction, the exhibits are open for free to the public from Oct. 2-5. Highlights of the exhibition include Park SooKeun’s Children Playing Game, Kim WhanKi’s Mountain and Moon, Ko YoungHoon’s Moon Jar, in Summer, and Lee UFan’s East Winds.

Park SooKeun, Children Playing Game

Children Playing Game portrays a group of children playing popular folk game on the street. It brings out children’s youthful exuberance.

Kim WhanKi, Mountain and Moon

Kim WhanKi’s Mountain and Moon is a semi-abstract painting portraying a mountain landscape. It combines Korean sentiment and modern western painting style.

YoungHoon, Moon Jar, in Summer

Moon Jar, in Summer is a realistic painting of a Joseon-era porcelain jar.

Apart from paintings, the auction also features a variety of art toys. BFF x Dior (Pink & Black), a collaborative piece by Kaws and Dior, is one of the highlights of the collectibles.

Kaws, BFF x Dior (Pink & Black)

For more information about the sales, visit Seoul Auction.

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